Japanese Candy!!

I have been following this YouTube channel after coming across the Candy Japan subscription service last year on my favourite blog Laughing Squid last year.

Candy Japan is a subscription service where for a monthly fee every two weeks you get a surprise envelope filled with random Japanese candy.

Every month the guy who runs it posts a video on youtube, previewing what was included in last months subscription just to let you know what your missing out on! Here is one of my favs, candy takoyaki!!!


The newest addition the of the Happy Kitchen series ハッピーキチンハンバーガー (Happy Kitchen Candy Hamburgers) kit makes a miniature fast food-style meal using water, packets of powder, tiny moulds and a microwave. 

You get to mix the dough, cut the french fries, ‘bake’ the buns, shape the hamburgers, mould the cheese and even prepare your own ketchup. To wash it all down, you’ve got a cola to go along with your meal!!!!!
Eeeeeeeep I cant wait to make one of these ^______^ 

Waiting Is The Hardest Part…………

So it’s already been a month since my JET Program interview and the days seem to be passing me by ever so slowly.

Based on last years notification a gambling man would be betting on shortlist notifications to arrive around the 2-3rd week of April, so the road ahead is ever still long.

I am guessing I wasn’t selected for the early April departure (not that I was really expecting to be since there is only about 5% of applicants that are each year) but I am a little envious of those who were only because it would end this intolerable limbo.
Not that I’m in a huge hurry to jump country since I have a job to keep me busy and an investment property to sort out before I leave.

The thing is its not even the so much the waiting that’s killing me its the not knowing!! At the end of the day I started my application in September after all, so waiting I can do, its just bad for your soul to know the entire fate of the next few years of your life is hanging in the balance. I am really obsessed to the point where I have been having rejection nightmares!!!

Hopefully next time I post it will be with good news ^___^
Who waits like a good boy?