Italian Mintia イタリアンミンティア Reviews

For the spring season of 2013 Mintia released two Italian inspired flavors. Being quite the advocate of anything Mintia I purchased both the moment I saw them.
In terms of packaging both feature their respective fruit flavors depicted in the style of stained glass, which I presume is a play on the windows which commonly ordain gothic cathedrals.

Mintia – Italian Lemon
ミンティア – イタリアンレモン

This flavor I find reminiscent of the lemon Ice Breaker equivalent, however where their competitors punch a tasty sour kick these seem to fizzle in comparison. That said, although I find the taste to be a little underwhelming for my liking, they are still not bad at all.
I also am quite fond of the packaging as well as the lemon yellow color of the candy themselves.
Perhaps I just purchased then for the novelty of a new mintia flavor as I typically do but I think they are worth a couple repeat purchases before they are phased out.
A subtle lemony offering from mintia this spring. 3.5/5

If you were interested in what the writing on the packaging says it as follows:

100%レモン果汁入りアロマビーズ + レモンフレーバーチップ配合
Includes a combination of aroma beads containing 100% lemon juice + lemon flavored chips.

The little red box says
Blended with Sicilian lemon juice

Mintia – Italian Grape
ミンティア – イタリアングレープ

Grape flavor is not something particularly groundbreaking for mintia and I have already sampled 2 other grape offerings from them. The packaging on these guys however seemed to be a little preachy as to how authentic and fruit filled these are. Honestly I think they might be compensating a little, that said they are not at all bad. The white colored candy are filled with tiny little specks that aparwntly are a mix of grape ‘chips’ and ‘grape juice aroma beads’. Much like the lemon ones I was left wishing for a slightly more pronounced upfront flavor, however in comparison to the regular grape mintia I think these come out on top. For a tasty ‘allegedly’ Cabernet Italian grape experience they get my recommendation! 4/5

Again the translation for the grape flavors packaging:

100%カベルネ果汁入りアロマビーズ + グレプフレーバーチップ配合
Includes a combination of aroma beads containing 100% cabernet grape juice + grape flavored chips.

The little red box on this one says
Blended with Italian cabernet grape juice

Mintia ミンティア Reviews Part 2


So there shall be a part 2 (and probably a part 3) to my Mintia ミンティア reviews, mostly as I’m completely addicted and there just seems to be a plethora of obscure flavours available if you keep an eye out for them!

Mintia – Relax Shower

Honestly I’m really unsure as to what this flavour is supposed to be, they are certainly one of the mint based varieties of Mintia however the flavour is weak up forgettable.
Lets just say if Relax Shower was a going to a Mintia Hollywood party it would be the one to arrive after all the coke had been finished and their was already a dead stripper floating in the pool. Oddly enough it’s vaguely spicy at times but not in a good way.
To its credit the name Relax Shower did amuse the Daniel. Still Fail.

Mintia – Miracle Cherry

Now these I had high hopes for based on the fact it has miracle in the title and the shininess of the packaging, donning holographic stickers, sparkles and the promise of rekindling the joyful memories of ones childhood.
Unfortunately the mints themselves tasted like something more akin to the cherry candies that kids tend not to like as they taste like something akin to cough syrup.
Also as a side note some of them have little Sakura shapes imprinted into them but for some reason oddly not all….
That said their not horrible, just kind of a meh and deflated weak artificial cherry taste. Whats worse their kinda gritty to the point it feels like your eating flour at times, needless to say they certainly don’t live up to their implied promises of unicorns and rainbows, leaving my childhood vigor unkindled.

Mintia – Honey Ginger

I love EVERYTHING about the Honey Ginger Mintia! I truly believe these could possibly be my favourite, which makes me a little sad seeing as they are quite hard to come by!!
Anyhow to begin with the packing itself is a pleasant opaque mustard colour matching the feel of the flavour.
This is one Mintia that dominates in an area where most others fell short, it has the perfect balance of a subtle sweet honey flavour whilst occasionally a secondary ginger note finds its way through. Hardly seeming like a mint at all the experience is more akin to eating candy, and so I find myself vacuuming these delicious honey treats up!!!
If you come across these bad boys BUY BUY BUY!!!!
(Daniel hopes a Mintia marketing manager will come across this post and send him a crate of these)

Mintia – Dry Hard

Now these fiery little balls of pain have got to be if not the strongest mints I’v ever tried then at least strongest Mintia flavour.
They also have this written on the front of the pack
which translates to caffeine formulation, so the kick they give you is not just the insane amount if mint but also a Caffeine one also, just how many mg each brings to the table I can not tell you as it is not written on either the pack or the website. I often put a couple different flavored Mintia in my desk at work and chuck one of these in as a minty Russian roulette of sorts……. Yeah I get bored.

Mintia – Cassis Orange

Cassis Orange is one of the more pleasing Minta flavours, very sweet and addictive not entirely unlike the Aqua Sparkle ones and so often find myself devouring one after another!
Underneath the name on the front it reads オレンジ果汁+オレンジアロアビース配合
apparently this means blended orange juice and orange aroma beads were used in the ingredients.

The pills themselves have a nice pink colour fitting to the flavour, however although I enjoy them thoroughly and will certainly buy them again they are still nothing to write home about.
Just as a side note Cassis is the French word for black-current which the Japanese adopted, I only mention this as it was months before I worked what the hell cassis berry were myself XD

Mintia – Lemon Ginger

Unfortunately unlike its other Ginger cousin Honey Ginger these do not pack anywhere near the same punch.
I found the ginger to be all but a frail aftertaste and the body to be nothing more than a weak lemony taste.
Although not entirely unpleasant these wouldn’t even make it into my Top 10 Mintia flavours.

Popin’ Cookin’ – Curry Set (Meccha Oishii Japanese Candy Adventures: Part 2)


I know it’s been a long while since I published the first installment of ‘Meccha Oishii Japanese Candy Adventures’ but every step of creating these posts is very time consuming so I have been subconsciously putting off creating Part 2, alas it is now complete so please enjoy. Popin’ Cookin’ – Curry Set (Meccha Oishii Japanese Candy Adventures: Part 2)


In this kit we shall be making karē raisu カレーライス (curry rice) and accompanying Korokke コロッケ (croquettes) a popular dish in Japan. Keep in mind like the last entry where I made gyoza and ramen, similarly these tiny dishes are actually savoury.

First things first take your various bowls and cut them up accordingly, this will make things easier. If you like you can also trim around the round serving bowl to make it a tad more aesthetically pleasing.

First we will be making the rice so grab the blue packet ライス.

Pour the entire contents of the rice packet along with not one but TWO measures of water into the almost rectangular container and mix it until it becomes fluffy.

Once your done transfer your ‘rice’ to the serving bowl, covering 2/3rds of one side as I have done.

Next up were making the Korokke コロッケ so grab the orange pack labeled Poteto ポテト (Potato).

Once again pour the packet into the almost rectangular container along with ONE measure of water and mix until you can roll it into a doughy ball.

Spit the dough in half, transfer to a plate and mold them to whatever takes your fancy. I went with a star and heart, this can be a little tricky to do ebtirely with you fingers, so use the mixing spoon as it is flat.

Once your done, temporarily set them aside.

Take the bag of crispy balls and crush them to dust prior to opening them.

Once again pour the crushed balls into the almost rectangular container.

Then proceed to roll your potato shapes in the crispy coating until they are well covered.

Once again set them aside as they are all done!

For the final step grab the brown packet labeled カレー (curry) and pour it into the almost rectangle container.

Add ONE measure of water to the powder and mix thoroughly until it is a thick brown paste.

Transfer your finished curry to the serving bowl in the empty third alongside your rice and your done!

There you have it the finished dish カレーライス コロッケ セット(curry rice and croquette set meal) !

Funness (楽しい) – 4/5
Tastiness (美味しい) – 3.5/5
Authenticness (正真正銘) – 4.5/5
Overall impression (全体の印象) – 4/5

Mintia ミンティア Reviews

Mintia ミンティア are a sugarfree Japanese candy that I recently discovered (having previously overlooked much of the candy isle) and subsequently became infatuated with.
If your the type to count calories these are fantastic as not only do they pack quite the punch, but each 0.14 gram pastel only has half a calorie or 2kj!

Mintia – Juicy Grape
I bought these ones just because the name of the flavor made me laugh.
Quite comically it says 果汁 20% UP in the bottom left corner, which basically means 20% more fruit juice….. so compared to what exactly???? Really how much fruit can you really fit into a 7g pack of mints anyway, perhaps that what the little purple dots in the pastels are XD
That said there fairly tasty.


Mintia – Lemon & Lime Mint
This flavor being a mint kind has overpowering mint tones to it and only the most subtle citrus notes.
Texture wise the are a lot smoother than the fruity pastels and feel a bit more artificial in the mouth (if that’s at all possible), they also have a light lime setting them apart from the usual white.
The redeeming trait the Lemon & Lime flavor brings to the table, is that they contain tiny tiny little yellow crystals in them that slowly break away from the pastel as you eat them and when bitten release a pleasant citrus burst.

Mintia – Aqua Sparking
This is definitely my favorite flavor! I get a real Ramune ラムネ vibe from these, very sweet and candy like, really feel like your eating something naughty and sugar filled as opposed to a tiny mint. One of the winning points of Mintia is their ability to fill your whole mouth with flavor and the Aqua Sparking captures this perfectly!
おすすめ 4.5/5


Mintia – Rich Mix
This is one of the more tasty Mintia varieties, since it is apparently pineapple, lime and mango flavored. You can definitely taste tones of fruit punch in this one and it will certainly get 2 thumbs up from me.
おすすめ 4/5

Mintia – Jasmine Tea Mint
Certainly very different from the usual fruit or straight up mint Mintia’s, Jasmine Tea Mint really does have an authentic albite subtle tea flavor. However I fell as though it is all but overpowered by a strong minty overtone, I would have much preferred this flavor minus the mint. Still not bad.

Mintia – Juicy Navel
Ok so the name of this one is a bit retarded, basically what they mean by ネーブル (navel) is ネーブルオレンジ (navel oranges).
Looking past the name there really isn’t all that much to these orange flavored pastels, I really consider them to be incredibly bland and lacking the punch of some of the other Mintia’s.
I guess that 果汁20% UP that the Grape Minita brought to the table must have really been worth something =p
At the end of the day just OK, but I wouldn’t buy them again.


Not being a huge fan of anything mint in general I went I trying this flavor with reservations, however I was quite pleasantly surprised.
Sporting a lime green colour, they are not incredibly overpowering. Yet are also filled with similar little beads as the Lemon & Lime Mint flavor which is nice addition. Still I prefer the fruit flavors any day!


Mintia – Rich Grapefruit
Being quite the fan of grapefruit in general these were sure to be a hit.
Although only being only mildly sour, they really do have a taste that most closely resembles the fruit that they are apparently imitating much better than other mintia flavours.
Could it be that the little yellow chips in each pastel are actually real grapefruit….. Well I this I doubt but they did a good job anyhow!


Mintia – Salty Ume (Umeboshi 梅干し)
This one took a while to grow on me, not widely available, I have only occasional seen it at the odd conbini.
Umeboshi 梅干し (Dried Japanese apricots) are perhaps not my favourite Japanese food, they are renowned for being an acquired taste and extremely salty.
When I first accidentally bought an umeboshi onigiri I spat it out horrified, however slowly slowly I have grown accustomed and now I can even stomach eating a few straight up.
Now quite surprisingly for an umeboshi flavored candy the initial taste was in a word is at first ‘underwhelming’, however the deliciousness finds its way through as you suck on it. Slightly puckering and sour I found them quite delightful after a few, however unlike the other Mintia these guys will burn a hole in your tongue if you eat too many.
おすすめ 4/5.

Japanese Candy!!

I have been following this YouTube channel after coming across the Candy Japan subscription service last year on my favourite blog Laughing Squid last year.

Candy Japan is a subscription service where for a monthly fee every two weeks you get a surprise envelope filled with random Japanese candy.

Every month the guy who runs it posts a video on youtube, previewing what was included in last months subscription just to let you know what your missing out on! Here is one of my favs, candy takoyaki!!!


The newest addition the of the Happy Kitchen series ハッピーキチンハンバーガー (Happy Kitchen Candy Hamburgers) kit makes a miniature fast food-style meal using water, packets of powder, tiny moulds and a microwave. 

You get to mix the dough, cut the french fries, ‘bake’ the buns, shape the hamburgers, mould the cheese and even prepare your own ketchup. To wash it all down, you’ve got a cola to go along with your meal!!!!!
Eeeeeeeep I cant wait to make one of these ^______^