Happy Singles Awareness Day!


So let me set the scene for you, JTE taps me on the shoulder as I’m sitting at my desk today.

JTE: Daniel do you know the word sa-bi-shii???
Tako: (Reluctantly) ……yes
{hands me a cookie}
JTE: I make cookie for my son because I think he looks like you. No girl give him present.
Tako: errrrrrr thankyou.
JTE: Please next year get girlfriend or I make you more cookie, 頑張って!



Valentines day is not a pleasant holiday for singles anywhere in the world, but its particularity enduring with the Japanese brand of the holiday.


To those uninitiated, in Japan it is only the women who give the gifts on this day however which fall into one of three categories:
Giri choco 義理チョコ (lit. obligatory chocolate).
Honmei choco 本命チョコ (chocolate given to a man out of genuine sentiment).
Tomo choco 友チョコ (chocolate given to a woman’s female friends).

Oh but don’t start thinking this is all a sexist one sides affair, oh no!
In the 80s department stores ‘created’ a new holiday one month after V day which they named ‘White Day’. The purpose of which was to give men who received gifts on Valentines the opportunity to reciprocate the sentiment(Read: sell more chocolate), which they must do at 3 times the amount they received!