It’s Snowing In Kobe! 神戸で雪が降ります

Kyou wa Kobe ni yuki ga furimasu!!! 今日は神戸に雪が降ります(Today it’s Snowing in Kobe!

The above is a photo from the top of my JHS school this morning.
Last night Kobe was hit with a little snow, this is something that only happens a couple days each winter this far south in Japan so it’s quite the novelty.

Furthermore being from a country where the temperature rarely dips below 10 degrees I had never seen snow before. Having now experienced in the mildest of forms I thank god for that fact!


The park I ride though on my way to work everyday was completely white this morning, meccha pretty but the paths were iced over and slippery.


On a lighter note, when I arrived at school this morning a couple of the kids were making yukidaruma 雪達磨 (snowmen) in front if the school gate so I decided to join them. Obviously mine is the ranga one with the ninjin 人参 (carrot) top XD.