Post-Apocalyptic Party in the Yamas

So with all the crazy hype about the end of the world prophesied t to be arriving on December 21st, last weekend we had a Post-Apocalypse Party up in Hanayama 花山 (the mountains north of Kobe’s CBD Sannomiya) where many of Kobe’s ALTs live.

As the name implies guests were required to dress up as something with a Post-Apocalyptic theme to it, think zombies or raiders.


Forget milk n cookies, ima nom your children’s liver and lower intestine whist they sleep

I decided to go with the least classy costume I could possibly come up with……. Zombie Santa! Lets just say that the pretense of the end of the world made for a very very sloppy drunken night……. the occurrences of which will be lost to the world until next Friday when it all ends…….. Apparently

Here are a couple photos of some of the amazing apocalyptic costumes that were sported by the attendees on the night!


61851_10151129838131148_1077081953_n282848_10151464446762525_1798696318_n276779_10151169968731087_202863957_n74060_10151464446992525_145860446_n2430882_10151464446887525_411806006_n228753_10151464447077525_1656900522_n2481524_10151464446957525_626433760_n2Evidently one thing about us Kobe-JET folk is that we take costume parties very very seriously, in fact I don’t even remember the last party I went to that WASN’T a costume party of some description……. fun times fun times.