Popin’ Cookin’ – Curry Set (Meccha Oishii Japanese Candy Adventures: Part 2)


I know it’s been a long while since I published the first installment of ‘Meccha Oishii Japanese Candy Adventures’ but every step of creating these posts is very time consuming so I have been subconsciously putting off creating Part 2, alas it is now complete so please enjoy. Popin’ Cookin’ – Curry Set (Meccha Oishii Japanese Candy Adventures: Part 2)


In this kit we shall be making karē raisu カレーライス (curry rice) and accompanying Korokke コロッケ (croquettes) a popular dish in Japan. Keep in mind like the last entry where I made gyoza and ramen, similarly these tiny dishes are actually savoury.

First things first take your various bowls and cut them up accordingly, this will make things easier. If you like you can also trim around the round serving bowl to make it a tad more aesthetically pleasing.

First we will be making the rice so grab the blue packet ライス.

Pour the entire contents of the rice packet along with not one but TWO measures of water into the almost rectangular container and mix it until it becomes fluffy.

Once your done transfer your ‘rice’ to the serving bowl, covering 2/3rds of one side as I have done.

Next up were making the Korokke コロッケ so grab the orange pack labeled Poteto ポテト (Potato).

Once again pour the packet into the almost rectangular container along with ONE measure of water and mix until you can roll it into a doughy ball.

Spit the dough in half, transfer to a plate and mold them to whatever takes your fancy. I went with a star and heart, this can be a little tricky to do ebtirely with you fingers, so use the mixing spoon as it is flat.

Once your done, temporarily set them aside.

Take the bag of crispy balls and crush them to dust prior to opening them.

Once again pour the crushed balls into the almost rectangular container.

Then proceed to roll your potato shapes in the crispy coating until they are well covered.

Once again set them aside as they are all done!

For the final step grab the brown packet labeled カレー (curry) and pour it into the almost rectangle container.

Add ONE measure of water to the powder and mix thoroughly until it is a thick brown paste.

Transfer your finished curry to the serving bowl in the empty third alongside your rice and your done!

There you have it the finished dish カレーライス コロッケ セット(curry rice and croquette set meal) !

Funness (楽しい) – 4/5
Tastiness (美味しい) – 3.5/5
Authenticness (正真正銘) – 4.5/5
Overall impression (全体の印象) – 4/5

Popin’ Cookin’ – Ramen & Gyoza (Meccha Oishii Japanese Candy Adventures: Part 1)

Welcome to Part 1 one of ‘Meccha Oishii Japanese Candy Adventures’ めっちゃ美味しい日本のお菓子冒険者
Japanese candy has always been a mysterious and intriguing thing to me having seen many of them on the interwebs over the years as ordering them abroad is fairly cost prohibitive.
Alas now that I have arrived in the orient former barriers to deliciousness have been lifted so I intend to spend the next few months sampling and reviewing the plethora of candy mini meal sets on offer.
So what is Popin’ Cookin’? Basically fun interactive candy kits that let you make your own mini gummy that look like food!!

Alas I present to you the first of many: Popin’ Cookin’ – Ramen & Gyoza
(ポッピンクッキン ラーメンセットの作り方)

This array of packets makes up the contents of the kit, which will be used to make a mini bowl of ramen and 2 candy gyoza.


So first step is to whack the brown packet in the ramen bowl and add some water, if you like you can cut out the plastic containers like I did (it’s more kawaii that way)



Alright next up the yellow sachet with one measure of water will be used to make you ramen noodles, so mix that up until it’s a thick paste.

Take the plastic bag provided and use the toothpick to make a tiny hole in the corner. Load the corner with the whole up with you noodle paste.

Finally like you icing a cake squeeze that yellow paste through the toothpick hole straight into the broth…… And your done with your first dish ^_^



Next were onto the gyoza so take your candy dough, cut it in half then roll each piece out into as flat a circle as you can manage!



Once their flat as pancakes, take the 100’s n’ 1000’s type filling and place it in the centre of both you gyoza skins
allowing enough room round the edges to seal it up.

Once you got your filing sorted close up the edges, shaping them to look like real gyoza with your nails.



Andddddd that’s pretty much it, display them however you like, just make sure to get your nom on caz they are fair tasty.
The most surprising thing about this kit for me personally would have to the fact that the ramen was not candy, but instead emulated real ramen in terms of taste and texture.

All in all for my first time dabbling in the world of Japanese candy I found the whole experience to be quite fun and ingenious, of there all this good I’ll be wasting a lot of money on this stuff in the future.

Popin’ Cookin’ – Ramen & Gyoza
Funness (楽しい) – 4.5/5
Tastiness (美味しい) – 3.5/5
Authenticness (正真正銘) – 3/5
Overall impression (全体の印象) – 4/5