Whale is Delicious! 鯨は美味しいですよ


Fakuu yuu wharu! Fakuu yuu dofinuu!

So the Whalewhores episode of southpark is pretty much my favorite…… period!!
Despite politely smiling, nodding and enduring the politically loaded rants I am often subjected to by many of my American friends, being Australian I certainly don’t give two fucks about any political/ethical issues in general.
For that matter i consider it un-Australian to get your panties in a bunch over basically anything that doesn’t directly affect your day to day life.


Unfortunately the whole whaling issue is something I just so happen to be very well versed in, not due to my faintest interest, but as it is quite the heated topic between Australia and Japan. I was afraid it might come up in my JET Program interview and I’m not one to no cover my bases, so research I did.


Should Japan whale in Australian and antarctic waters? No.
Should one nation tell another what to do within their own borders? No.
Does the current state of Japanese whaling even vaguely represent anything that could be considered of value in maintaining Japan’s cultural heritage? Well that’s laughable.
At the end if the day, do I care either way??? Unlikely.
Is this a post about whaling? Never!!

So anyway last weekend my good friend Mike and I set out on an adventure to track down the legendary moby dick and take a bite outa that bastard!

Honestly I hadn’t seen whale sashimi at all in the 2 months prior since I arrived in Japan. Now that’s largely due to despite the popular belief that Japan has a hard on for eating whale, according to my Japanese friends and co-workers the average Japanese person has never even tried whale meat! In fact it came as a shock to my OTE’s when I said I ate whale on the weekend as they didn’t even know where I got it from!

Needless to say whale is not something you find stocked at the average supermarket, nor have I ever seen it on the menu at a sushi restaurant!
Anyhow heading out to a large shopping complex called Midori 緑 a couple kilometers south of Gakuentoshi station, we found a shop inside that had a couple boxes of whale sashimi, but again as its not the most popular foodstuff I’m talking 3 boxes out of 100s of other varieties of sashimi.


Surprisingly it was extremely cheap at just under 300¥ for 5 pieces, in fact that’s cheap for any sashimi!
Well anyway we purchased a couple boxes, some shouyu 醤油 (soy sauce) and headed to the food court to get our nom on.


Honestly I was a little intimidated by the dark flesh at first, perhaps as it stirred up repressed memories of my first enkai which was nama niku 生肉 (raw meat).
However upon taking my first bite I was pleasantly surprised! I had heard that whale had a strong smell and flavor, but that wasn’t the case at all, it was quite chewy with a flavor akin to maguro 鮪 (tuna) (not the sexual kind either XD)!

Now would eat it again though?? Well if it was sold a little closer to my house I would probably say yes, but a couple kilometer bike ride is more than I’m willing to endure to obtain sashimi.
Especially when there are half a dozen places I could get other varieties instead wayyyy closer!!