A Mochitsuki Present

2010 03 Mar 240

Today was mochitsuki (mochi making day) at my chuugakkou 中学校 (Junior High School). In what was literally the most touching thing that has happened to me since I arrived in Japan, a couple of my 2年生 (8th grade) students gave me some handmade mochi they made especially for me.
Apparently they had noticed how much my Japanese has improved since I arrived and they wanted to express their gratitude towards me for studying hard everyday so I could speak with them!

Shougakko Japanese Class Doodles


Clearly I learnt an awful lot of Japanese attending a 2年生 (2nd grade) Japanese class my shougakko this morning (≧∇≦)

Today’s Elementary School Highlights

-Spending soji 掃除 (cleaning time) in a spartan gladiator battle to the death using taiko drums and sticks with three 10 yr olds.

-Having an entire go-nensei 五-年生 (5th graders) sabotage a class where the grammar point was ‘Do you like ~~~?’ by the lot of them asking nothing but ‘Do you like penis?’.

-Being challenged at, engaging in and failing miserably at a mouth capacity competion,with a the resident fat kid using terrible kyuushoku bread.

– And I saved the best for last, whilst playing ‘What’s the time, Mr Wolf?’ with yon-nensei 四-年生 (4th graders) I had one little darling hump the sheep when he caught them after yelling ‘dinner time’.
I informed him he must be from New Zealand…… He didn’t get it, not that I expected him to XD

-Daniel out (^∇^)

Melbourne City Japanese Exchange Day Tour

So last week I completed my 5th year hosting Japanese students visiting Australia from a high school in Ibaraki Prefecture.

My position as TA (Travel Assistant……. the Japanese seem to love acronyms) required me to basically travel around the city with 8 of the students helping them navigate their way to the days activities which included Cooks Cottage in the Fitzroy Gardens, Old Melbourne Gaol, St Patrick Cathedral and Parliament House
Despite all our super fun (kinda) destinations my kids were really more interested in shopping for omiyage 😛

At the end of the day to say thank you to us, we were taken out to have a banquet dinner at the hotel, here’s a photo with me and my group, kids even gave me some presents before the whole year level sang us the school song!

Was super good experience for JET and totally got me excited about teaching next year, really thought to myself as I was leaving ‘yeah I can do this’ ^_^