First Nabe of the Winter 冬の鍋物


First nabe 鍋 (Japanese hotpot) for the seasons with my friends last week whist sewing our Halloween costumes.

Fancy Taiikusai 体育祭 Bento 弁当

I received this meccha fancy bento 弁当 for lunch during the taiikusai 体育祭 (sports festival) at school today….. Why exactly it cost 4000円 remains a mystery to me, but damnnnn it was delicious!!


Onigiri Senbei Omiyage おにぎり煎餅お土産


When I rocked up to school today, Kyoto Sensei came over and gave me this omiyage お土産 from her trip over the weekend, totally meccha kawaii!!

There basically senbei 煎餅 (Japanese rice crackers) that are supposed to resemble onigiri おにぎり (rice balls).
They were only shoyu 醤油 and nori 海苔 flavored but quite delicious(^∇^)


500円 Sushi 五百円鮨


This evening at the local fresh produce store in Gakuentoshi (where I live), there was a sale on all their huge sushi boxes which were all half price!

This place already sells their sushi and fresh fish fairly cheap, but 500円 for 18 pieces is a ridiculously good deal!
Also considering their sushi is much better than the sub-par stuff you find at Daiei, at 500円 it was a quarter of the usual price for a box that size!!

Needless to say tonight I dine like a shogun!

Edit: Several weeks down the track I have discovered this discount is a weekly occurrence, and so Wednesday is now ‘Sushi Night’ (^∇^)


Homemade Teishoku 定食

Teishoku by Takoyaki!! 日本料理のスキル LVL UP!!! (^∇^)


-Grilled Sanma with Grated Daikon 焼き秋刀魚 と 卸し大根
-Eggplant Stir-fry 茄子の炒め物
-Miso Soup 味噌汁
-Rice ご飯
-Tsukemono 漬物

Needless to say I believe I have finally surpassed mother in the culinary department