Surprise Birthday Party!

So Friday night I was told by my most delicious of friends lady Barbie, that I was to come round for dinner, as we were going to plan a seminar for an upcoming skills development conference together.

Quite hungover from the birthday festivities of the night before and weary from teaching 5 classes Friday at my JHS, I was looking forward to sinking under the kotatsu and eating a big pot of nabe. Whilst not the most exciting of Friday night plans it was what I was craving.


Now in retrospect there were many holes in the the fabricated ‘story’ which was used to lead me to her apartment, however so tired and trusting I didn’t think twice that things just didn’t quite add up until it was all over.


Queerly the front door of the residence which i usually burst through Kramer style was locked and there was apparently a ‘black out’. Taking a couple steps through the door I almost had a heart attack at the sight of 30 of my friends crammed into the tiny apartment yelling ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUNT!’

Here is an amazing onegiri takoyaki birthday cake おにぎりたこ焼きバースデーケーキ that was made for me by the ever amazing Ms Sandy!!
As it was Australia Day the morning after it was deemed that I had to drink the most foul of Australian beer, the ever gross VB.


The following are photos of some of the amazing friends I have who attended and the evenings shenanigans.

Photographic evidence past 11pm has been lost due which oddly coincided with the beginning of kings cup…..
Also the evenings photos were taken our new up and comer Richard, a late arrival from Canada that we have been ‘orientating’ these past 2 weeks!







Anyhow I am so grateful that I have found myself in the midst of such an amazing community here in Japan, Kobe I love you, I love you, I love you!


Five and Twenty – A Man Grown


Yesterday my years amounted to the well rounded number of five and twenty, which called for some none to hectic celebrations after school.

I returned home after a great day and a belly full of beer n sushi, pondering the how my position has changed since I blew out the candles this time last year. I remember thinking to myself at that moment ‘my 24th year will be the best of my life’ in retrospect I was right on the money.

Its crazy how much we can grow within a span of only 12 months. Looking at the reflection of the man I once was I now see what I was running from, a miserable relationship, an unfulfilling job. What I found in my escape from reality was a new home amongst people who care about me in Kobe. Furthermore my eyes have been opened to the importance of the love and support from a family I left half a world away.

To those who made my five and twentieth name day as delicious as a humble Tako could wish for, you have my gratitude and of corse in addition I thank thee all for your kind birthday wishes ♥



On a lighter note thank you lady Barbie for ‘Sparkles the Dolphin’ which I proceeded to sexually assault/ride free willy style the entire evening.