Elementary Christmas Cards 小学校クリスマスカード


Today after teaching a Christmas lesson to one of my favorite 3rd year classes at my elementary, the kids took me by surprise!
Soon as i finished the farewell, they all ran up to me at once pushing dozens of Christmas cards they had written for me into my hands!


I thought this one was cute. My Japanese isn’t amazing but it basically says.

Dear Daniel,
English classes are fun, even though I don’t understand any English at all!
I now understand because the explanation was clear.
Please continue to teach me in the future.

All of the feels!

The Most Handsome Man in Space


It’s been one of those shougakkou 小学校 (elementary school) days that are bad for my ego.
Three of my san nen 三年生 (third grade) girls got in a heated argument that ended in an epic janken battle!
Kana: Daniel you are the most handsome man (lit:イケメン) in Japan.
Hana: No you’re wrong, he’s No. 1 in the whole world.
Ayumi: No no no, in all of space too!

tl;dr According to 8yr olds I’m the most handsome man in space!

Special Kyuushoku!


Today my Tuesday shougakkou 小学校(elementary school)made up a special kyuushoku 給食 (school lunch) for the teachers on account of me, as the kids one had shellfish in it which I am allergic to.
Having had a near death experience eating school lunches in the past it’s nice to see they look out for me.
So far 3 of the teachers have thanked me for having allergies since today’s lunch is abnormally delicious (^^;;

Elementary School Disaster Drill Day


Today at my Tuesday shougakkou we had a 避難訓練 (disaster drill), after a speah from the visiting fire fighters. The ‘Kobe City Fire Band’ put on a brass band concert for the students, mid way through the set the conductor asked the kids if they like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu before suddenly started busting out Ninjari Bang Bang めっちゃびっくりした!

Check it out below for all the crazy goodness!

Elementary School Thank-You Notes


I rocked up to work today at my Thursday shougakko To find a little booklet full of letters to me. A couple of my 2年生小学校 (2nd year elementary) kids had written me notes to say thank you as they had so much fun during our last class where we played the ‘evolution game’ and I taught them the ‘jellyfish song’ かわいい!!

It’s days like this I think to myself ‘yeah I’m doing something right’ (^ω^)

Toy Making Class! おもちゃランドを作ろう

So today at my crazy tiny elementary school, I was invited to attend ‘toy making class’ with my favourite 3年生 (third grade). I’ve done this once before a couple months ago when we make aki 秋 (autumn) themed toys out of the seasonal fair (think acorns and leaves), however today’s subject was rika 理解 (science class) and since the children were learning about じしゃく (magnets) their toys were themed accordingly.


Here are a couple of the meccha kawaii games and toys they put together, the ones above were all filled with magnets which could be manipulated by other magnets on sticks (in this case the cat chases the giant mouse)


This guy was a lil race track, the kid made a dozen of these little cars to choose from and gave them all crazy names like ロケットカー(rocket car), スズメバチカー (wasp car) and 宇宙カー (space car), unfortunately I didn’t get a shot of it but he later made a giant paper toilet so store them in XD


The photo above features a paper fishing game, a couple of the girls made lil fishing rods out of hashi 箸 (chopsticks) with magnets tied at the end of a piece of string, the various sea fauna had paper-clips to attract them!

20130226-午後030217.jpgAt lunch time they set up a spare room with all the games and had a little carnival for the students in the other year levels to come play. Needless to say today was a good day!


Meccha Cute Kyuushoku Roster めっちゃかわいい給食の時間割

When visiting my Shougakko 小学校(elementary schools) I am forced to consume whatever horrors the cafeteria ladies decide to dish up to the children that day as part of Kyuushoku 給食 (school lunch) a practice that anyone who knows me would be aware I detest with a passion.

One of my favorite sannensei 三年生 (third grade) classes has the cutest roaster for which details which student must do what job in serving lunch on any given day, I had to shares them ^_^