Where am I?

“Don’t Panic”

Konichiwa mina-san Tako-desu!

You have stumbled upon the rambling of a dude from Melbourne who has somehow found himself living in Kobe-shi, Japan as an ALT with the JET Program(me).

So Just what is the JET Program??

The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme seeks to enhance internationalization in Japan by promoting mutual understanding between the people of Japan and those of other nations. The Programme aims to enhance foreign language education, and promote international exchange at the local level through the fostering of ties between Japanese youth and foreign youth alike.

 The JET Programme started in 1987 with co-operation from participating country governments. In 2011, there were 4,330 participants in the Programme from 39 countries. So in 2012 the JET Program will be celebrating its 26th year.

Damn your life looks fracking awesome! How can I become a JET?

Application for participation in the JET Programme is a long and competitive process. However, the rewards of being chosen are well worth the effort. Successful applicants will receive 1 to 5 year contract with by far the best program to live and work in Japan which is funded by the Japanese Government.

I assure you its no easy road, a good start  would be to check out some of my first posts about the application process and also read up on the official JET Program website: http://www.jetprogramme.org/

Arn’t you suposed to be an English techer?? Why is your gramar and speling less than amasing??

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9 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. Hi there,

    I’ve just started following your blog after finding a link to it in the “Aspiring JET’s 2013 forum”. Just want to say, your blog is a fantastic read, love the 9gag humour. All the info you have provided is so helpful and provides an insight into JET for hopeful JET’s like myself.

    Just finished reading “How Much You Can Expect To Be Paid On The JET Program(me)” and moving towards your earlier post. Awesome post!

    I’m currently waiting and hoping to get a interview response. Any heads up information/tips you can provide for the interview? I hear the Embassy contacts candidates in Jan and interviews are in Feb, can you remember when you were contacted?

    • Yo dude, thanks for the feedback ^_^
      Makes me meccha happy to hear my blog is being enjoyed since I do put a lot of work into it.

      Yeah I not so fondly remember this time last year, waiting on interview notification results and the shortlist notification did my head in, ended up going a little crazy!

      Ummmmm in terms of times though, i was notified about the interview very early in Jan, second week maybe, start preparing asap though!!!!!
      Since i was an early arrival i got the call about my acceptance in mid April then another call on around April 24th saying i had a month before i was leaving!

      Anyhow good luck with your preparation and you can hit me up any time if you have any queries.


  2. Cheers mate!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your break in Melb.

    I better start preparing 😦 bloody interviews hate them! I’ve decided to apply for the July/August departure, cause the April intake would be too soon for me.

    • I got back to Japan last night, is fairly bleak and freezing here at the moment >_<

      In regards to the interview, every second you study is going to give you a better chance, leave no base uncovered.
      The most important advice I guess I can give you is although its good to show an interest in Japan, make your answers about what you can do for your BOE not what Japan can do for you 頑張って!

      • I’m sure it’s better being in Kobe than 40 degree heat in Melb right now haha.

        What particular areas should I study? The info sheet about JET?

        Sorry, but what’s BOE?

        Thanks for the info (^o^)

      • honest i much prefer the heat! would take 40 degrees over 5 anyday!!

        um in terms of researching, here is a couple good topics to start you off.
        try writing a page answer to each of these questions, thats what i did and i had perfect answers when i walked into that interview.

        why do you want to do the JET Program?

        what experience do you have with japanese culture?

        what do you have to offer as an ALT?

        what future goals do you have planed?

        why did you request your placement?

        what do you know about japan?
        what about negative things like whaling?

        how will you create an interactive learning enviroment

        how would you handle a disruptive student?

        lemme know how ya go 😉

  3. I have to post hello here coz i studied in Melb for 5yrs and came back to kobe abt 4yrs ago.
    It’s very nice to find someone from Melb in kobe 🙂
    Hope u enjoy it!

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