Where The Adventure Times Are!

Every year we are given a work diary at school. I like to decorate mine each as they are otherwise a little bland.
This year I went with a mashup of Where the Wild Things Are and Adventure Time ^^

…….yeah it’s been a slow day at work.


2 thoughts on “Where The Adventure Times Are!

  1. Heya, sorry to do the spammy “leave unrelated comment” thing again but I can’t see any contact info for ya! It’s that time of the year again, when I attempt and probably fail to drum up interest in a carnival for Japan-related bloggers. This time I am opening up the possibility of submitting posts that have already been published, so if you have an old post that fits the theme and want to join in, just send me the url and a little “about” for your blog’s profile. I just ask that everyone who participates checks out and comments on at least a couple of the other participants’ posts. The whole idea is swapping ideas and making connections, after all!

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