This Is Why I Love Summer Vacation!


So I was quite ecstatic when the coach of the track and field club (who I have been training with everyday) finally asked me to go swimming with the students this morning. The school pool has sat tantalizingly cool and refreshing across from my desk but realistically a world away up until now!
Anyhow I just finished up spending the last 90minutes swimming with my kids, playing games and whatnot. Now with what feels like retinal chemical burns, it’s painfully clear why the boys laughed at me when I said I didn’t need goggles…… Shouganai live and learn ^^;

1 thought on “This Is Why I Love Summer Vacation!

  1. Hey sorry this is unrelated to this article although your trip looks really nice. I’m applying for JET and am going to put kobe as my first choice. Although I understand there are no guarantees I will even be placed there I like your blog a lot. How close are all the ALTs in kobe. The JET website says theres over a hundred ALTs in kobe each year. Is kobe that large of a city?

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