Thank-you Letter From The Principal


Nawwwww after writing my principal a thank-you letter for supporting me last week during my self introduction in front of all the principals in Kobe.

I came to school this morning to find he had written an article expressing how impressed he was with me in the weekly staff newsletter.

All day the other teachers have been telling me how surprised they are I learned to read and write (to be honest I’m still terrible). Feeling fair good about life today (*^^*)

I typed up copy below and provided liberal translations.

◇ 先日ALT紹介と,勤務説明会がありました。

At a briefing for work the other day, the ALT’s introduced themselves.
Daniel spoke his self introduction firmly in Japanese.


(Quoting some of my speech)
「I am Daniel from (my schools name) JHS, the food I love is mochi. Yatsuhashi (a specialty from Kyoto) is the most delicious’」


It was well received by the other Principals there.


Also the next day, on my table in the principals office, Daniel placed a letter and some chocolate (Terry’s chocolate orange in fact *^^*). His kind actions made me very happy.


He is a very good friend of mine!

Here is a copy of the letter I have him.

3 thoughts on “Thank-you Letter From The Principal

    • In a word: Perseverance!
      I have only been studying seriously for the last 6 months but I do so for about 3-4 hours every day!
      Furthermore when I’m not studying I am constantly trying to read everything I see around me and looking up the kanji on Imiwa.
      Furthermore in the past month or so i have begun texting in Japanese a couple dozen times a day.

      All this and I’m still only scratching the surface……. but anyhow 頑張って!

  1. This is so sweet! I have a lot of learning Japanese to do before I head over! I got notification yesterday that I’m an early departure heading to Kobe on May 29! (Yay!)

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