JET Program 2013-2014 Recontracting!


As of today it’s all official, I have past the recontracting interview, received all the paperwork and I will be here in Kobe for at least another 16 month (though to be honest probably a lot longer)!!! Here in Kobe it’s not such a big deal to stay here a long time, all you gotta pretty much do is be good at your job and an integral part of the JET community.
It seems insane that almost a year has passed since I arrived here in Japan and I have come a long long way!

Also I’ma take this opportunity to apologize for the reduced postings this year, I have recently begun taking my 日本語 study a lot more seriously which has been chewing up a lot of the free time I was previously putting towards this blog, alongside that its winter, unless you guys are interested in my tales of playing ps3 n eating nabe not that much has been going on. That said hang tight, nihonomnom is in no way dead! A dream of spring is coming!

I leave you with a picture I drew whilst bored at my desk, takoichigodaifuku たこ苺大福 the smallfolk of the imaginary kingdom of Takotopia. A grand realm which exists only in the confines of my head XD



2 thoughts on “JET Program 2013-2014 Recontracting!

  1. Congrats dude 🙂 well done!!!

    I had my interview last week.

    The panel didn’t ask exactly the same interview questions as other interviews in other consulates, which is what I based my preparation on. I tried to cover all the generic interview questions, based on other participants interview experience but only a third of it was actually asked in the interview. Such as “Why are you applying for the JET programme?”, “Why teach in Japan, why not other parts of Asia?”, “What qualities can you offer”, “What if you were placed in remote location”. There were other easy questions like, “Would you sing karaoke if asked?”, “What is your favourite Japanese food?” But I felt with those easy questions, I couldn’t really express my true knowledge or understanding of Japanese culture and language. Wished they asked “What do you know of Japanese culture?” or “What social issues are impacting Japan now?”

    The only difficult questions I could remember were related to cultural misunderstandings or teaching related. Not that those questions were really difficult, but they had multiple questions in one sentence and with the short time frame provided it was hard to use STAR technique to answer all the questions. I didn’t provide the greatest answers to those questions as I had a bit of a mind blank during those questions!!! WHY brain, must you freeze during the hardest part of the interview!!

    Interview is very short, it only lasted about 20 minutes and then a 5 minute Japanese test where I was asked to read a passage in hiragana katakana. I was a bit confused when I was told there would be a Japanese test, as I thought that would be only given to applicants who indicated they had learned Japanese before in their application. So I was unable to do that because I’ve never learned Japanese before, which made me feel like my chances have gone out the window.

    At the end of the interview, I wasn’t even asked if I had any questions for the panel. Which I felt was a bit strange, but I had some prepared and asked them anyway. I can’t say I did badly but I definitely didn’t smash it either, bit of mixed feelings at the moment. I know I did everything I could of to prepare for the interview and I gave it my best shot, but not feeling too hopeful. Oh well! Just have to wait until April to find out.

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