Meccha Cute Kyuushoku Roster めっちゃかわいい給食の時間割

When visiting my Shougakko 小学校(elementary schools) I am forced to consume whatever horrors the cafeteria ladies decide to dish up to the children that day as part of Kyuushoku 給食 (school lunch) a practice that anyone who knows me would be aware I detest with a passion.

One of my favorite sannensei 三年生 (third grade) classes has the cutest roaster for which details which student must do what job in serving lunch on any given day, I had to shares them ^_^





2 thoughts on “Meccha Cute Kyuushoku Roster めっちゃかわいい給食の時間割

  1. Cute! All four of my schools have big cafeterias so they all eat together rather than in classes, also means all the food is cooked onsite rather than at a kyuushoku centre. What is so bad about your lunches? I don’t usually mind mine.

    • Erg seriously, I can’t stomache kyuushoku at all, I never drank the milk from the beginning and have slowly developed sneaky techniques to make it appear as though I am eating but really I just can get away with eating virtually nothing.

      The fact that they serve that crisp to children is criminal! Every time I sit down for ‘lunch’ I think of that episode of the Simpsons where Springfield elementary is buying rats milk from Fat Tony XD

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