Steve is a ‘Gay Man’


Just had the most hilarious engrish conversation ever with one I my teachers!!

English Teacher 1: I think your friend Steve is a gay man.
Tako: Waaaaaaa! no no no you can’t say that!!!!!
English Teacher 1: But I think many people who like anime are also gaymans…….
Tako: Ohhhhhhhh you mean ‘gamer’, ‘gay man’ means 同性愛.
~English Teacher1 looks embarrassed~
English Teacher 2: This is a kind of trap!


4 thoughts on “Steve is a ‘Gay Man’

  1. Hahaha that’s funny. I should be preparing for my JET interview but instead I’m reading your blog post AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

    Looks like every embassy is having their interviews on different dates, some are next week, some are on the week after. I have to fly to Brisbane for mine in 2 weeks 😦

    Thanks again for your interview tips, been practicing on the questions you provided, everyday now. Hopefully everything will go to plan!

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