Japanese Pastries 日本のパン

Now there is a little bakery near one of my schools whos amazing looking pastries I always end up drooling at as I pass by each morning.
This morning I finally admitted defeat and headed in to purchase a couple if the more interesting looking Danish pastries on offer.



The first goes by the name of Kinako Denisshu きな粉デニッシュ (Soy Bean Flour Danish). This is a very ‘Japanese’ inspired baked good, including a fusion of Danish and Japanese ingredients, essentially the ingredients are those one might expect to find in mochi! Topped with kinako きな粉 (roasted soy bean flour) granting it its name, the centre is filled with anko あんこ (sweet red bean paste) and cream with 2 small mochi on top. All in all certainly on the delicious side of things ^_^



The other was a Purin Denisshu プリンデニッシュ (Pudding Danish), Purrin プリン a Japanese word referring being a katakana bastardization of pudding are immensely popular dairy treats in Japan, smooth and creamy they are actually more akin to what most would consider custard. Anyhow basically they have wrapped one of these delicious creamy puddings in a Danish pastry, resulting in a subtly sweet, smooth buttery texture. Another WIN in my books!


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