Japanese Christmas Bauble Coke Bottles 2012


I noticed these limited edition bauble shaped Christmas Coke bottles popping up in stores recently, coming in both regular and zero flavours. Only containing 350ml and priced at 118円 a bottle their a tad on the expensive side for beverages in Japan, considering you can usually get a 500ml bottle for around 98円.

Anyhow their meccha cute so I thought I’d invest in a bottle or 2 just for kicks, way to give into marketing huh (−_−;)

4 thoughts on “Japanese Christmas Bauble Coke Bottles 2012

  1. These are adorable! I will never have any money if I end up getting on JET, because Japanese cute marketing will get me, haha.

    (By the way, I’m the girl you were replying to on Youtube, in case you didn’t make the connection! ^^ )

    • Haha oh there are a plethora of temptations, hence why i try my best not to head to the city during daylight hours as i always come home with stuff i don’t need and a light wallet XD

      Oh and thanks for visiting, ill be putting up a post in the morning about what you can expect in terms of pay tomorrow morning also ^_^

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