Daniels Australian Cookbook


This Saturday is the Bunkasai 文化祭 (Cultural Festival) at my Chuugakko 中学校 (Junior Highschool) and returning from a week of leave I found myself being asked to plan an Australian culture table with in my free time over the next few days.

Here is today’s creation, Australian cookbooks!!! Featuring the recipes to make Anzac Biscuits, Lamingtons, Sausage Rolls, Australian Toffee and Fairy Bread!
I have printed enough to make 300booklets……… Sigh 50 down, a plethora of folding to go.

Sometimes I have deeply regret seemingly ‘amazing ideas’ without considering the work required to bring them to fruition….



5 thoughts on “Daniels Australian Cookbook

  1. ah, altho i dont know how the sweets taste like, i already feel they are all yummy!
    So nice you can make them.. I’ve never done so much. I want to try:)
    btw, how can i write you a private message do u know?

    • I think i shall make some anzac biscuits for my co-workers on the weekend, luckily it is easy to get most of the ingredients for Australian food in Kobe 🙂

      I don’t know how to private message but feel free to send me an email at kitsune_daifuku@live.com

      • Never heard of Anzac biscuits, I’ll research! Your co-workers must be happy to have you so you give them some treats;) When i visited Aus, I loved all the food i ate, except ベジマイト:P Hehe. Great you can make some Australian dishes! Food can be a killer when it comes to a life in overseas i think!

        Thank you for the address:D

      • WHAT you didnt try Vegemite!!! I made all my students try it during my jikoshoukai lesson, more or less they hate it 😛

        I actually really dislike Australian food, most tend to be fried or meat so back home i ate mostly asian style anyway. Since I arrived it has become much more interesting and affordable to cook nothing but Japanese style 😛

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