Tokyo Skytree Adventures!



Today I’m at Tokyo Skytree, freaking epic!!!
Although similarly so were the lines, arriving at 10:30am we were given passes that would allow us to join the queue at 1:00pm, after returning from a brief trip to Asakusa it was another hour before we could buy tickets to go up!

That said the view from 450m was well worth the wait, I’v been up Kobe’s Port Tower, Kyoto Tower and Tokyo Tower but nothing compared to Tokyo Sky Tree!

At 2000¥ for the 350m viewing platform it was a little pricy compared to visiting viewing platforms at many other towers.

We decided to also head up to the 450m viewing platform, although hesitant at first in my opinion the extra 1000¥ was a fair price to scale the worlds second tallest structure!

All in all a fantastic experience!


5 thoughts on “Tokyo Skytree Adventures!

    • I will be updating all the places I visited over the next few weeks when i have some time, so look please read them when i post.

      Although i have been there a couple times i actually didn’t really like Tokyo, way too busy and too many tourists. Everywhere i went there were loud rude American/European tourists!!!!

      Needless to say i am happy to be back in Kobe XD

      • I’ll look forward to see all pictures, thank you!

        That’s what i wanted to hear! lol! I have visited there for a few times…but i couldnt imagine myself living there.. Way too many people. Yes, there are many foreigners, and I think that’s a boring choice to live:P
        Kobe is the best! Hehe^^

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