Mintia ミンティア Reviews

Mintia ミンティア are a sugarfree Japanese candy that I recently discovered (having previously overlooked much of the candy isle) and subsequently became infatuated with.
If your the type to count calories these are fantastic as not only do they pack quite the punch, but each 0.14 gram pastel only has half a calorie or 2kj!

Mintia – Juicy Grape
I bought these ones just because the name of the flavor made me laugh.
Quite comically it says 果汁 20% UP in the bottom left corner, which basically means 20% more fruit juice….. so compared to what exactly???? Really how much fruit can you really fit into a 7g pack of mints anyway, perhaps that what the little purple dots in the pastels are XD
That said there fairly tasty.


Mintia – Lemon & Lime Mint
This flavor being a mint kind has overpowering mint tones to it and only the most subtle citrus notes.
Texture wise the are a lot smoother than the fruity pastels and feel a bit more artificial in the mouth (if that’s at all possible), they also have a light lime setting them apart from the usual white.
The redeeming trait the Lemon & Lime flavor brings to the table, is that they contain tiny tiny little yellow crystals in them that slowly break away from the pastel as you eat them and when bitten release a pleasant citrus burst.

Mintia – Aqua Sparking
This is definitely my favorite flavor! I get a real Ramune ラムネ vibe from these, very sweet and candy like, really feel like your eating something naughty and sugar filled as opposed to a tiny mint. One of the winning points of Mintia is their ability to fill your whole mouth with flavor and the Aqua Sparking captures this perfectly!
おすすめ 4.5/5


Mintia – Rich Mix
This is one of the more tasty Mintia varieties, since it is apparently pineapple, lime and mango flavored. You can definitely taste tones of fruit punch in this one and it will certainly get 2 thumbs up from me.
おすすめ 4/5

Mintia – Jasmine Tea Mint
Certainly very different from the usual fruit or straight up mint Mintia’s, Jasmine Tea Mint really does have an authentic albite subtle tea flavor. However I fell as though it is all but overpowered by a strong minty overtone, I would have much preferred this flavor minus the mint. Still not bad.

Mintia – Juicy Navel
Ok so the name of this one is a bit retarded, basically what they mean by ネーブル (navel) is ネーブルオレンジ (navel oranges).
Looking past the name there really isn’t all that much to these orange flavored pastels, I really consider them to be incredibly bland and lacking the punch of some of the other Mintia’s.
I guess that 果汁20% UP that the Grape Minita brought to the table must have really been worth something =p
At the end of the day just OK, but I wouldn’t buy them again.


Not being a huge fan of anything mint in general I went I trying this flavor with reservations, however I was quite pleasantly surprised.
Sporting a lime green colour, they are not incredibly overpowering. Yet are also filled with similar little beads as the Lemon & Lime Mint flavor which is nice addition. Still I prefer the fruit flavors any day!


Mintia – Rich Grapefruit
Being quite the fan of grapefruit in general these were sure to be a hit.
Although only being only mildly sour, they really do have a taste that most closely resembles the fruit that they are apparently imitating much better than other mintia flavours.
Could it be that the little yellow chips in each pastel are actually real grapefruit….. Well I this I doubt but they did a good job anyhow!


Mintia – Salty Ume (Umeboshi 梅干し)
This one took a while to grow on me, not widely available, I have only occasional seen it at the odd conbini.
Umeboshi 梅干し (Dried Japanese apricots) are perhaps not my favourite Japanese food, they are renowned for being an acquired taste and extremely salty.
When I first accidentally bought an umeboshi onigiri I spat it out horrified, however slowly slowly I have grown accustomed and now I can even stomach eating a few straight up.
Now quite surprisingly for an umeboshi flavored candy the initial taste was in a word is at first ‘underwhelming’, however the deliciousness finds its way through as you suck on it. Slightly puckering and sour I found them quite delightful after a few, however unlike the other Mintia these guys will burn a hole in your tongue if you eat too many.
おすすめ 4/5.