The Mochi Diaries: Chapter 6 – Goma Yatsuhashi 胡麻 八つ橋


Welcome to the sixth instalment of ‘The Mochi Diaries’ (餅の日記)

I realize I have already done a post on yatsuhashi 八つ橋, however I love them so much I couldn’t help but buy a box of the goma 胡麻 (sesame) variety!


This pack I picked up at Osaka station on my way home from a trip to wakayama last week, the top kanji says nama (fresh) yatsuhashi 生八つ橋 kingoma 金ごま (gold sesame) and the bottom kurogoma 黒ごま (black sesame). So basically the yatsuhashi in this pack are half filled with white and half black sesame paste.


I was pleasantly surprised to find each flavor individually packed and as usual with omiyage the packaging was exquisite.
Now I am quite fond of goma flavored sweets and since these were yatsuhashi (my favorites) my expectations were high. The gold ones truthfully portrayed a sweet goma flavor with the soft chewy texture of soft yatsuhashi, the black however although aesthetically pleasing have a flavor that was just a tad too subtle, lacking the boldness one would typically associate with the sesame flavor.


Alas I don’t think I shall be trading these in for the more common nikkei 肉桂 (cinnamon) flavored variety anytime soon, regardless it’s always nice to try something new ^_^

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