Today’s Elementary School Highlights

-Spending soji 掃除 (cleaning time) in a spartan gladiator battle to the death using taiko drums and sticks with three 10 yr olds.

-Having an entire go-nensei 五-年生 (5th graders) sabotage a class where the grammar point was ‘Do you like ~~~?’ by the lot of them asking nothing but ‘Do you like penis?’.

-Being challenged at, engaging in and failing miserably at a mouth capacity competion,with a the resident fat kid using terrible kyuushoku bread.

– And I saved the best for last, whilst playing ‘What’s the time, Mr Wolf?’ with yon-nensei 四-年生 (4th graders) I had one little darling hump the sheep when he caught them after yelling ‘dinner time’.
I informed him he must be from New Zealand…… He didn’t get it, not that I expected him to XD

-Daniel out (^∇^)

2 thoughts on “Today’s Elementary School Highlights

  1. Ooh, that’s a low blow comment there!
    Part of my day at elementary included a 2nd grade kid getting in a huge rage at another kid because they lost the janken tournament to get the milk I didn’t want…oops.

    • Bwahahahaha, your feel free to poke fun at whatever Australians like to root….kangaroos perhaps…..

      ah yeah iv been there, a few weeks ago a kid got into (what apparently was) really big trouble caz i gave him my kyuushoku bread and milk without it being fair to the other kids, now i just secretly put both in my pockets and dispose of them in the staff room 😛

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