Kaki 柿 (^∇^)


So Aki 秋 (Autumn) is finally upon us and with it a plethora of new fruits and vegetables become available in Japan.
The one I have been looking forward to since I discovered they were popular here are Kaki 柿 (persimmons).

Pretty much my favourite, fruit I grew up eating 3 or 4 of these every day at the end of every summer back in Australia.
Not that they were all that popular back home, however being of italian decent my grandfather has a passion for growing things, having 2 large trees which would shower us in them each year!!
Oddly enough in Italian イタリア語 persimmons go by the same name as they do in Japanese which is well Kaki!

Slicing one of these up really brought back some fond memories for me of summers growing up in Melbourne and exactly what I have to come home to 🙂


The only real detractor I could attribute to the Japanese version of these orange gems would be that they ate over packaged (like all Japanese fruit) to the teeth, god back home we would just chuck a couple dozen in a bag! Also being priced at around 130-150¥ each, they are much cheaper than some apples (think 300¥ a piece), however still totally outside of my regular budget, alas they make for a nice treat to remind me of home.




2 thoughts on “Kaki 柿 (^∇^)

  1. I thought Kaki is only for Asian countries..Learned new thing!
    I reamember my Thai friend gave me a Kaki when I was in the U.S., and it really reminded me my home! You may also try eating 梨;)
    I love many kinds of sweets taste 栗 are sold in Fall season only! It’s yummy!!

    • Haha I was similarily surprised when I first learnt Kaki were Japanese! I thought they were Italian for most of my life XD

      Oh I already baked some furi but they take such a long time in my tiny little oven!!!

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