Return of The Jikoshoukai 自己紹介


Having completed 28 Jikoshoukai 自己紹介 (self introduction) classes since my arrival in Japan it’s easy to see why I have developed a certain distaste for them.

When I first arrived I spent 2 days straight on my computer creating this 60 slide long (One Piece themed) masterpiece introducing myself and my country to my students.
What I ended up with was a 50minute long theatrical journey through Australia’s history and culture featuring singing, terrible Japanese and even taste testing!

My chuugakko 中学校 (junior high) version is fully digital, where as I toned down the scale and complexity of it for my shougakko’s 小学校, simply printing and laminating the slides.
These lessons require an astronomical amount of genki and motivation on my part as I usually bring the genk to the table and end-up singing a duet (always Queen) with the OTE by the end of each class.

Arriving at my Thursday shougakko I discovered that apparently there was one 4年生 (4th grade) class that had somehow slipped through the cracks and been fortunate enough to avoid a class with me up until now!
I slowly came to the realization that god forbid, what my OTE was implying was that I would need to do yet another jikoshokai lesson this afternoon ( ;´Д`)

Just returning from the, it was actually went a lot smoother then I was expecting, perhaps in my mind the thought of Jikoshoukai was just slightly jaded after repeating it so very often before natsuyasumi.
Alas here’s to not having to do another one until April wewwwww \(^o^)/


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