Homemade Teishoku 定食

Teishoku by Takoyaki!! 日本料理のスキル LVL UP!!! (^∇^)


-Grilled Sanma with Grated Daikon 焼き秋刀魚 と 卸し大根
-Eggplant Stir-fry 茄子の炒め物
-Miso Soup 味噌汁
-Rice ご飯
-Tsukemono 漬物

Needless to say I believe I have finally surpassed mother in the culinary department


8 thoughts on “Homemade Teishoku 定食

  1. just found this page.. I like how you see Japan and its culture… Interesting!
    I see many ppl seem from Jet around my town, but dont know how to talk to make friends:P

    • Mmmm I presume you are Japanese yes. Honestly if there are 2 things i have noticed JETs are generally interested in itsJapanese culture/language and drinking!

      Personally I wish I could make more Japanese friends, so many of the JETs you meet may be thinking the same thing.
      Next time you see a JET that isn’t busy try talking to them and you might make a new friend! Although I can’t speak for all generally we are hired on the basis that we are good at communicating with others and have a genuine interest in Japan! ^_^

      • Thank you very much for the reply:) Yes, yes, im Japanese.
        I live in Kobe as well, so i have talked with some at drinking place..but they were looking for dates, not friends! Haha! But, good to hear what you wrote, so maybe i can try to make friends soon:)
        I think it’s wonderful people from other countries have interests in this small country to actually come living and working! Arigatou!

      • Ah well we are more or less a friendly bunch, im sure you know to find us at the hub on friday nights so feel free to come chat anytime, personally all I usually ask from my Japanese friends is to teach me Kansai-ben XD

        Honestly unless your a Gaidai student I think that will be your best bet to meet the Kobe JETs as other than that were never all in one spot.

        That said if your in the city Fri/Sat nights we also tend to frequent IZNT, Hobgoblin, Midnight Express & Polodog so you might be able to meet people there.

      • Yep, Kansai-ben is the best! Hummm I live very close to Gaidai but not the student:P
        I see, so the Kobe JETs love drinking on weekends i guess? Haha! I have heard some names of the bars and hub, but never been to those places yet. I usually dont really have friends in Kobe to drink out. Maybe this weekend i may go out with friends from Osaka:) Thanx for the info^^

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