The Mochi Diaries: Chapter 2 – Doyo-mochi 土用餅 (Doyo no Hi Special)

Welcome to the second Mochi diaries and this one is a special edition review!
So as I discussed at length in my earlier post Doyo no Hi 土用の日 has come and gone, despite the lingering heat. So along with Unagi 鰻 and all the other U (う) foods that are supposed to help one endure the heat, there is a kind of mochi that is only sold for 2 days a year during Doyo which appropriately named Doyo-mochi 土用餅, apparently grants the same heat endurance properties.

When I first saw the large displays at the supermarkets selling them I initially thought they were miniature ohagi お萩 (a rice ball coated with sweetened red beans) which was not a bad guess, considering they are pretty much the exact same thing but instead with a mochi centre.

It’s in fact shares many similarities to Akafuku Mochi 赤福餅, a specialty product from Ise-shi 伊勢市 (Ise City), in Mie-ken 三重県 (Mie Prefecture).

So basically they are quite a simple mochi that is supposed to have many calories, to give the eager strength to endure hot summer days. As stated above the basics are that thy have a small mochi inside that has a thick coating of anko 餡こ on the outside.
One thing I did note however was that the mochi itself seemed to have a marshmallow like quality to it, that was much lighter and less dense that most mochi tends to be.

Now at the end of the day it’s hard for me to not like a mochi but the combination of disappointing centre and it’s fragility of the whole (half of them fell apart) I was less than blown away so 3/5.


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