Kobe Center-Gai Ice Sculpture


As I was strolling around Sannomiya Centre Gai (三宮 センタ街) last Sunday afternoon wasting money as usual, I came across this awesome display made entirely out of ice that could touch.

Needless to say as hungover and hott as I was I gave it a hug much to the puzzled looks of those around me XD

Still it’s nice that you can find stuff like this around Kobe ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ


2 thoughts on “Kobe Center-Gai Ice Sculpture

  1. That’s the cutest block of ice I’ve ever seen. As hot as it is, I’d throw my arms around it in a second, staring be damned. hehee.

    Thanks again for your advice about the suit on facebook. My supervisor got back to me and said I definitely need to wear it the day I arrive in Toyama. It took some reworking, but I finally shoved it into my carry-on, lol.

    • Hey no probs, the golden rule is always dress up, then worst case scenario you can take clothes off when you get there.

      My first day at shougakko Kyoto sensei laughed that I was wearing a suit and said ‘next week tracksuit please’ XD
      But then again ESID right….

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