Sayonara Andy Sempai (さよならアンディ-先輩)


Today Kobe looses one of the great JETs as after is second time participating in the JET program he is heading back to the US, over the past couple weeks Andy has been there for me 100% whenever I have needed absolutely anything.

When I was broke and hurt my back he helped me withdraw money from home and took me to the hospital.
When I needed appliances for my house, he spent a whole day taking me shopping to act as my translator to purchase them.
He has constantly answered my every question regarding the Japanese language and culture, and for the that matter life in general, ever pointing me in the right direction.
Finally whenever I have been feeling lonely in my apartment after a long day, it’s been him that has called me and been like ‘hey let’s have a movie night’!

When I arrived in Kobe I made a promise to myself, that I wouldn’t get to know any of the 30 or so departing ALT deeper than superficially. As our relationships would be capped at 2 months in length. Our contracts slightly overlapping with I arriving prematurely and they being on the verge of departure.
Having just gone through the heartbreak of leaving a lifetime of friends and family back home in Australia I certainly less than keen to do it over again.

However there’s always going to be those that slip through the cracks, as sometimes you just meet people who blow you away.

Andy I wish you all the best in whatever life holds in store for you in the future.
Im’a miss ya bro, your truly a gentleman, a scholar and a friend.

Don’t be sad its over, be glad it happened.



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