Asahi Red Eye – Japanese Beer Review


Ok let’s just sat this beverage was omoshiroi to say the least, Asahi Red Eye is a tomato flavored beer that is currently being sold at select konbinis across Japan for a limited time.
I came across it for the first time this afternoon, curiosity getting the better of me and I ha to give it a try. At only 3.5% alcohol it consists of 20% tomato juice and 80% beer and requires shaking before consumption, but does it work????
Well despite how off putting the concept sounds believe it or not it really wasn’t that bad!

Written on the label it says ‘Asahi Red Eye’s silky flavor and refreshing aftertaste goes well with food’ and honestly I bet it does!
The taste was something akin to a Bloody Mary, followed with a subtle hoppy aftertaste, the alcohol however being completely unnoticeable.

Now at 198¥ for a 375ml can its in the upper end of conbini beer prices and although certainly a very different from the average plain inoffensive Japanese beer, I probably wouldn’t drink it again by choice.

As rare as they are, if you come across a conbini that sells them I would recommend giving one a taste 3/5.

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