Kobe Beef Adventure’s

Last Sunday I awoke at a friends place in the Hanayamas after a hectic night out, feeling just a little bit like death.
And what could be a better cure for a hangover (bar more beer) than 200grams of meaty Kobe deliciousness!
Alas a crew was assembled and off we headed to ‘Steak Land Kobe’ in the heart of downtown Sannomiya for some beefy treats.


Honestly after the Nama Niku 生肉 (literally raw meat) enkai I attended the week preceding, I have been understandably turned off meat recently, having been forced to consume a plethora of organs I would have never wanted to consume cooked let alone raw!!
That said one would be foolish to turn down the opportunity to try the worlds best beef in the city that’s famous for it!


Luckily for those deciding on done at lunchtime the price is quite reasonable, at only 2980¥ the ‘Kobe Beef Steak Lunch’ is essentials the exact same 200gram steak and dining experience you would pay around 6000¥ for at dinner time.
There are also several cheaper steak lunches on menu but you don’t come to a Kobe Beef steak restaurant to not get the Kobe Beef!
Also as you can see above all the prices are listed in English and Japanese outside the restaurants entrance do you know exactly what to expect.


Upon entering I was quite impressed with the vibe and meaty decor of the restaurant, a sea of iron cows and steaming grills. Arriving quite early around midday on a Sunday it had yet to become busy as we later discovered, alas were shown to our own private table with a large grill in the centre where were served sides as we waited for our chef to arrive.
Alongside the steak our meal came with a salad, miso soup, tsukemono an an iced coffee.


These meaty beasts were what was to become one of the most delicious noms I have ever set my taste buds upon!! Thankfully this week the meat was actually to be cooked >;;;;;;_<;;;;;;


Prior to cooking the steaks however the chef first took a large spoonful of butter and melted it on the grill, to this he added a plate of deep fried garlic chips to flavor the butter. He sautéed said garlic for a minute or so before removing the chips from the grill, of which he later placed a small portion of on each of our plates.


After flavoring the butter it was finally time for the Kobe Beef steaks to hit the grill (which we ordered medium-rare), with surgeon like skills the chef placed all 3 on the grill and systematically seared each on all 4 sides before briefly covering them on the grill with a metal lid.



Our chef then proceeded to deconstruct the slab of beef cubing each into bite sized pieces with a razor sharp knife, carefully cooking each individual piece with what I read to be intense concentration.



Finally as he was finished cooking each piece he distributed them amongst our plates along with the garlic chips, some bokchoy and sprouts that were cooked in the meaty residue.



All in all was pretty much the perfect hungover Sunday sesh and I certainly recommend it 100% to anyone visiting Kobe, just make sure you take up the lunch offer instead of dinner to save a pocketful of yennies.

Here is the website and although it’s mostly in Japanese, the menu is pretty self explanatory and there are links to pictures of each meal set.



If your looking for the place above is a map which will show you exactly where Steak Land is located in relation to Sannomiya Station.


Now what steak dinner lunch would be complete without a tasty dessert right!!
Alas the next stop was to a nearby sickeningly kawaii cake shop called Esprit de Fouquet’s (エスプリ・ドゥ・フーケ) that pretty much serve overtly delicious cream saturated baked goods, that are sure to bring out the squeaky 14yr old Japanese school girl in even the manliest of folk.


I decided upon a macha tiramisu (抹茶 チラミス) which despite pretty much amounting to the gayest thing I’v ever consumed was meccha derishious!!!


So derishious in fact that after my first bite I feet compelled to break out in an AKB48 pose!
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
Anyway that pretty much sums up my meaty adventures, hope you enjoyed imagining what it tasted like XD


3 thoughts on “Kobe Beef Adventure’s

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    • Oh thanks for referencing my post, also keep in mind that price is an insanely
      cheap a lunch time special, it’s usually about 7000¥ for Kobe been at dinner (^_−)−☆

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