Typhoon is coming!

So as I was readying myself to leave school yesterday afternoon I overhead some of my coworkers mention the word typhoon in conversation. I was all like ehhhhhhhh!!!!! To which my my OTE tell me oh sorry daniel-sensei I forgot to tell you that a typhoon is coming tomorrow so please bring an umbrella!


So it seems a typhoon was on its way to Kobe and I was none the wiser until I was informed by chance…….
Sometimes being mostly illiterate can have its downfalls (>人<;)
Though I guess this is just a perfect example how when your mostly out of the loop of pretty much everything, day to day life can be full of surprises, fortunately there mostly the good kind however.

Another came this morning when upon arriving at school I found the place devoid of my life, seems that because of the Typhoon sending students to school across all of Kobe was deemed to hazardous…..
However the danger seemed to fall short of allowing the teachers to also take the day off, needless to say with all my lessons planned and little to do besides study my Japanese textbook, it has been a coma inducing day of being rained in!

The entire school pretty much looks like this today, just empty and barren

A shot from outside the 職員室 (staff room) shows the school grounds to be on the moist side of things


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