Mameshiba (豆しば) are Japanese bean-dog characters that tell unsettling and often unwelcome trivia in a series of animated shorts. When I came across them

The premise being in each short a character is about to eat a bean when suddenly it introduces itself and delivers a random piece of trivia that ruins the appetite of the person, some notable ones being:

Did you know that a kangaroo’s pouch is sooooo stinky?

Did you know, in France the Japanese word for dandelion means ‘peeing your pants’?

The name mameshiba is an intentional pun in Japanese: mame means “bean”, and shiba refers to the dog breed shiba inu. The term mame shiba can also refer to either a toy shiba inu or a puppy of the breed, essentially meaning “little shiba inu,” Finally, mameshiba sounds like mamechishiki, which means “trivia.”

Like most uber-cute Japanese fads they come with a plethora of merchandise which I certainly cant wait to get my hands on ^_^

3 thoughts on “Mameshiba!

  1. Naw, my little girl is a mame-shiba (well, she is a runt, there isn’t a separate breed standard to define mame). I’d love to get a mame-shiba collar or water bowl or something for her 🙂

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