Sporadic Early Placement in Kobe-shi!!!

So at around 8:15 this evening I received a call from a peculiar number on my iPhone that I had never seen before. I answered only to my surprise to be greeted by a call from the Melbourne JET Program co-ordinator offering me nothing more than everything i have always dreamed of.

She apologized for calling at such a late hour but wanted to contact me ASAP as she had just received a message from Tokyo offering me an early departure spot to you guessed to KOBE CITY!!!

The only catch being that its short notice and I will need to depart on May 30th 2 months before the rest of the Australians heading over with group A.

She needs me to accept by this Thursday and since tomorrow is ANZAC day here in Australia if she hadn’t called me this evening it would have had to wait till Thursday when I would have had to give her a yes or no answer on the spot. At least this way I have 40 hours or so to decide my fate…….

Honestly this is really a dream come true for me, although I dont really want to leave 60 days before every one else (not to mention the fact I will miss Tokyo Orientation) i figure there are quite a few pro’s to this.


  • I will get my dream placement of Kobe city (pretty much regarded as winning the lottery in terms of placement).
  • I get to skip Melbourne s notoriously horrid winter going straight from autumn back into Kobe s summer once I cross the equator!
  • In Kobe (and the rest of Hyogo for that matter) JET’s receive subsidized rent, no key money and in Kobe transport is paid for. Also this means I likely wont need to waste money on a car as Kobe is so central.
  • I score an extra 2 months as a JET as if I stay at least a 2nd year the contract ends in July.
  • The insane waiting for placement/departure will be largely over.


  • This will of course put an awful lot of pressure on me to pack up my life in Melbourne ASAP as I have major things to work out quickly such as organizing my investment property, working out tax status, quitting job at Museum Victoria, buying a laptop, selling car, etc.
  • I will be in the unique position of being one of the few JET’s to unfortunately miss Tokyo Orientation.
  • I have an incredible amount of guilt in that I will be leaving my parents a week after my brother leaves on a 2 month trip to Europe, effectively throwing them in the deep end with an empty house for the first time in 25 years!
At the end of the day though I didn’t think twice about taking her up on the offer, if I rejected it who knows where I may have ended up come July 29th when everyone else leaves.

So its official I’m Kobe City’s newest ALT on the JET Program ^______^

3 thoughts on “Sporadic Early Placement in Kobe-shi!!!

  1. Wow, crazy that they’re taking you early! I guess maybe the person you’re replacing quit early? Have you been in contact with your predecessor?

    Also, while you may not be able to attend the Tokyo orientation, probably you’ll still get to attend your prefecture-wide Hyogo orientation that usually happens sometime in August. Then you’ll still get a little training and get to meet your fellow newbie JETs.

    Also I’m totally jealous you’re placed in Kobe. I studied there in 2007-2008 for an academic year (at Konan University – Okamoto station on the Hankyu line), and I regularly go back to Kansai (namely Takarazuka and Osaka) once every other month or so. Kansai is a fantasatic area, and so centrally located that it’s SO easy to travel anywhere else from there, whether it be via day or night bus, train, or shinkansen.

    Good luck to you in transitioning abroad, and enjoy your JET experience!

  2. I tracked down my prefectural CIR last week through the JET forums and from him I received quite a lot of information regarding my placement and base school, although by looking at the schedule included I denounced where my housing would be they have still not put me in contact with my predecessor (they only told me his name) despite me asking about it in an email about 5 days ago. So yeah I’v got the sneaking suspicion he may have gone AWOL (not that I’m complaining)

    Gotta say I am feeling quite alienated from the rest of the JET community as instead of heading over with the other 100 or so from Australia I will be all on my lonesome but you have given me hope with the Hyogo orientation 🙂

    Ahhhhhh I’m a little scared but mostly excited now!!! Departure is little more than 3 weeks away now. Thankyou for all your kind words.


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